and     what          you               might                                                      be

the sea of pink liquid in your belly swallows

are you allowed to be loved

are you sure

you’ve been in here a long time now

you never tried the door

it has never been locked

beauty opens
open vomits
vomit mutes

quickly now
speak your truth
before it drowns in its own momentum
separate it from your fiction
write yourself a new one

i                                                                                                           you

a tiny death

This spine cracks

revealing more bone
exposing a half pound of faulty rhythm

These shoulders roll forward and back

trying to relieve the compressed capillaries
crushing cartilage

This sternum plunges into the cavity of this stomach

strings and percussion
antagonistic notes

Flesh tears away from your third dimension

making room

and the compass needle spasms for a north

the ecstasy burns
the ecstasy burns

your eyes moisten to douse the flames

you are allowed

They unfurl
…shredding your heavily fortified corpse
…reminding your heart what it’s for
…breaking away
…inviting life

The viscous joints unhinge and drip
Sleepy sinews stretch and whine
Oddity retakes your ground bound eye

lifting it skyward
and the clouds design angels
to join the descent


the universe

at once

Each divide

a new birth

feel the shiny feathers preen     peel
and fill the creaking void
wisp the air
shudder themselves alive

These plumed appendages are not yours to direct
They do not direct you

Lifted soft by air
Sprung into the question
Draining the emptiness
Ringing the moon
Responsive only to love
Defiant of gravity
Shrinking from intention

Tips of toes tickle the ground
Your flight         must fail
All the rest is frenzy

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One response to “Sprouting”

  1. inawe says :

    This is astonishing.

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